• "LeeLee has allowed my students to decode the sounds and various syllable combinations while practicing. Lee Lee is a wonderful tool in your classroom and at home. There is no clearer digital tool for learning to read."

    Zakehia Uscanga / Roberts Elementary School DISD
  • "Lee Lee turned my early reading instruction around. Not only did it give me clear guidance on the most efficient and effective steps to take to teach my students to read, but it also allowed my students to practice their learning in a very entertaining application that has allowed them to grow academically."

    Ellen Marin / GHW Bus Elementary School DISD
  • "Lee Lee is a tool that has provided me with a teaching manual for interventions with second-grade students who could not read or who needed to improve their Spanish reading decoding skills. Students are given the foundation necessary to achieve a reading level that corresponds with their grade level."

    Fermarie Ruiz / GHW Bus Elementary School DISD
  • "The Lee Lee program is an invaluable tool for me as a teacher and for students learning to read. The way the sounds, syllables, words, and sentences are presented is easy to understand and the practice and repetition in the form of a game makes it fun for the students. The interactive game is always very well received by the students and they are excited to be able to use this app. It is a program that at the end of the school year, you will see the results. Even for students who need more support with learning difficulties. Lee Lee is a program that I recommend to teachers who are looking for phonetic support for learning to read."

    Denice Miranda / Nathan Adams Elementary School DISD