Lee Lee Multiplayer is a set of seventeen
collaborative games for for literacy practice,
where students work in leveled groups
of four or five children to achieve a common goal.

Lee Lee Multiplayer 1

This is a multiplayer game designed to help students develop their Spanish letter phonics.


Lee Lee Multiplayer 2


This multiplayer game is used to practice writing direct syllables, with five participants. Each student is assigned a turn within the game to achieve the final objective.

Lee Lee Multiplayer 5

These multiplayer games are used to practice reading words with three syllables. In addition, students can improve their visual comprehension skills by selecting the word that matches the image.

Lee Lee Multiplayer 7

Lee Lee Multiplayer games are also used for sentence reading, allowing students to learn and improve syntax. Each student takes a turn and inputs the word that corresponds to them. This provides additional practice in listening comprehension and retention.

Learning with Lee Lee Multiplayer