Lee Lee Student Edition is a seven-mission adventure with fun conditioning games that help students learn to read and write in a short period.

Letter sounds

Through conditioning activities, the student is taught the vowel and consonant sounds following a phonetic method.

Direct syllables


We use phonetic and syllabic methods to teach the student to put sounds together and form direct syllables, e.g.: ma, lo, pe, la, lla, ñi, etc.

Words of 2 syllables

After having learned the letter sounds and direct syllables, students put two syllables together to form words.


Syllables with extensions, inverse syllables,
and words with one-letter start

Students have to learn all types of Spanish syllables and in this mission, they will learn syllables with extensions, for example: sol, mas, mar, etc...

3-syllable words

In Spanish, it is different to read words with two syllables than words with three syllables. Therefore, in this activity, we put together three direct and inverse syllables to form words.

Locked syllables and special syllables

Using letter sounds is a good strategy to teach consonant clusters for example: tra, bre, cli, etc. In this activity, words that contain consonant clusters are also practiced...

Sentence reading

Hooray! At this level, students already know how to read sentences. They learn syntax, nouns, adjectives, verbs, visual comprehension, and sentence meaning.


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